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Danish mindset

Experience how the Danish mindset can add a new dimension to your meeting

The Danish way of life is inclusive – we’re creative and unconventional. These great qualities can add a whole new dimension to your meeting or event.

Denmark is safe and tech-savvy, and here you’ll find some of the best non-native English speakers in Europe. Our seafaring Viking heritage and innovative thinking have made Denmark a frontrunner within a number of trending industries. Discover how the creative Danish mindset breaks traditional boundaries within areas such as life science, sustainability, design, research, shipping, gastronomy, and green energy.

Experience a destination where modern design meets ancient history. Where service and the best customer experience are top priorities, and where open-mindedness and a can-do attitude will make all the difference when hosting your next meeting in Denmark.

In Denmark, everything is closer

In Denmark, working closely to build team spirit is in our DNA. And with smooth logistics and everything you need close at hand your event is guaranteed to enjoy the best of success.

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Easy access

Efficient infrastructure
gives you more time to connect

Denmark is built to connect. Come and experience the true meaning of accessibility.

"Europe's most Efficient Airport", "Best Airport in Northern Europe", and "World's Best Airport Security". Copenhagen is the best-connected destination in Northern Europe, reachable by all major airlines from 170 destinations. And when arriving at Copenhagen Airport, downtown is less than 20 minutes away by metro and airport shuttle trains.

Copenhagen offers a wide choice of meeting facilities suited for all requirements. There are modern and classic venues – large congress centres, historical landmarks and intimate meeting facilities with charm. Whatever your needs, Copenhagen can make it happen.

In Denmark, everything is closer

Copenhagen is a city of human scale with everything close at hand. That makes the city’s vibrant urban life, its leafy nature and teeming waterways easy to navigate and easy to enjoy. Delegates will experience something out of the ordinary that you truly won’t find anywhere else.

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Fall in love with liveable and loveable Copenhagen

Whether you visit the city for its modern or historic charms or for pleasure or leisure, Copenhagen lets you discover the intimate magic of “hygge” and the inspiring qualities of a liveable city.

One of the world’s most liveable cities, Copenhagen is a laidback capital where everything is within walking or biking distance. So, forget about exhausting days of big-city bustle. You will be surprised at how relaxingly local Copenhagen feels.

Copenhagen is famed for its creative Nordic cuisine. The city’s restaurants have been awarded no less than 18 Michelin stars, and no matter where you go in town there are delectable and memorable culinary experiences for your delegates to enjoy.

In Denmark, everything is closer

If you enjoy a friendly atmosphere, world-class design, and great food, you and your delegates will love exploring Copenhagen!

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AC Hotel Bella Sky

Inspiring architecture and flexible venues bring you a big step closer to hosting successful meetings

Denmark offers a wide choice of contemporary and classic destinations to suit any business need. You can easily find the exact fit for your next meeting.

Central Copenhagen dates back to before Viking times. Today, the city is a leisurely green capital famed for its creative urban design, bike culture and pure liveability.

The city’s new designer district of Ørestad is home to Bella Center Copenhagen, one of Europe’s most modern congress centres. With delegates accommodated in the swirling towers of AC Hotel Bella Sky you’ll enjoy the best the city has to offer – fabulous modern architecture, sweeping views, great and inspiring dining and that welcoming, homey feeling of hygge.

In Denmark, everything is closer

With its own metro stop, the AC Hotel Bella Sky and the Bella Center Copenhagen are less than 10 minutes from downtown. The city’s 24-hour fully automated metro service as well as regional trains will sweep you to the airport in under 15 minutes.

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AC Hotel Bella Sky

AC Hotel Bella Sky welcomes you to Copenhagen, Denmark. The hotel enjoys a prime location near downtown Copenhagen next to our very own metro station. We offer boutique rooms and suites, incredible modern architecture, massive event spaces and world-class meeting facilities. It's all waiting for you and your delegates in Denmark at AC Hotel Bella Sky!

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